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We are a distinguished leader in
developing, marketing and selling real estate backed hospitality products such as fractional ownership homes and condo-hotels.

About Us

Our team has over 50 years of combined industry experience and a proven track record of successful project development and execution.

What we do

We maximize returns, increase exposure, and accelerate sales velocity for developers by providing innovative concepts and expertise.


Explore our current projects providing fractional ownership and condo-hotel investment options in some of the world's most sought-after destinations.


Meet LeisureHomes

Maximise Returns,

Exposure & Sales

Realize higher returns, increase exposure, and accelerate sales velocity. With LeisureHomes’s long-standing expertise, proven track record, and vast network of resources, your project is set up for success. As a distinguished leader in hospitality products with real estate backing, LeisureHomes’s team guides a project from conception to legal structuring, product design to marketing strategy, and launch through sell out. Leverage LeisureHomes’ expertise and proven strategies to realize higher earnings, increase sales, and affiliate your product with a global portfolio of luxury brands.

Creating the future of

leisure real estate

Fractional home ownership is a shared real estate purchase strategy where multiple parties collectively own a vacation property or branded residence, distributing the costs among them. Unlike a timeshare involving a contractual right to use a property, this is true real estate ownership which moves in value with the whole-home market and allows owners to benefit directly from potential capital gains.

Residence Clubs are similar to Fractional Ownership Homes, in that both offer ownership interest in shares of vacation homes. However, Residence Clubs are frequently operated by luxury hospitality chains and add facilities and amenities typically found in high-end hotels and resorts.

A Condo-Hotel is a hybrid property that combines the ownership of a condominium with the option to rent out units like a traditional hotel. Typically, individual units are owned by different investors and are operated by a hotel management company. Owners can use their units for personal stays during certain times of the year, but the primary purpose of these units is to generate rental income.


Years of combined experience and a proven track record of success.

$1 billion+

Real estate sales generated by LeisureHomes and its principles working with experienced developers around the globe.


Properties in the portfolio of LeisureHomes exchange club partner for luxury second homes.



Listed here are all current projects of LeisureHomes AG. They include conception, legal structuring, product design, marketing strategy, launch, and sellout. LeisureHomes AG is unique to the industry in that it works for others but also becomes a joint venture partner in instances where a consortium is involved in the development of a fractional ownership or condo-hotel project.

Contact Us to learn about previous projects of LeisureHomes AG and LeisureHome´s principles.


Campo Bahia

Residence Club

Porto Seguro, Brazil

A one-time opportunity to own a stake in Campo Bahia, a luxurious hideaway for international VIPs and celebrities, once home to Germany’s World Cup winning team, combining the advantages of deeded real estate ownership, a profitable investment opportunity, and a world of luxury vacations.


Borgo Syrah

Residence Club

Cortona, Italy

Borgo Syrah Residence Club combines the advantages of real estate ownership, refined vineyard lifestyle, and boutique hotel amenities and services, while eliminating the high cost, worries, and responsibilities of owning a second home in Tuscany on your own.


Nine Lions

Residence Club

Marbella, Spain

Nine Lions Co-Ownership combines the advantages of true real estate ownership, convenience, and relaxed Marbella lifestyle, while eliminating the high cost, worries, and responsibilities of owning a second home in Spain on your own.